Issue of accelerad_rfluxmtx

Hi list,
This is a seperate disussion about accelerad_rfluxmtx from performance of accelerad. I am using Accelerad to render images in 5 phase method.
For instance, the script of 3 phase part is as folows:

oconv -f $materials $objects/1-1/room.rad > $octrees/1-1/room3ph.oct
vwrays -vf $views/south.vf -x 400 -y 400 -pj 0.7 -c 9 -ff | accelerad_rfluxmtx -v -ffc `vwrays -vf $views/south.vf -x 400 -y 400 -d` \
-o $vmtxhdr/1-1/%03d.hdr -ab 1 -ad 256 -lw 1.0e-3 -c 9 -n 24 - $objects/1-1/glazingvmtx.rad -i \
accelerad_rfluxmtx -v -ff -ab 1 -ad 256 -lw 1.0e-3 -c 1000 -n 1 $objects/1-1/glazingvmtx.rad $skyDomes/skyglowR1.rad -i \
$octrees/1-1/room3ph.oct > $dmtx/1-1/1-1.dmx
dctimestep -o $ph3hdr/1-1/%01d.hdr $vmtxhdr/1-1/%03d.hdr $tmtx/STPV.xml $dmtx/1-1/1-1.dmx $skyVectors/images/$n.smx

However, accelerad_rfluxmtx can’t work normally when generating the view matrix in 3 phase part and direct solar part of 3 phase.
The terminal didn’t list any error but also didn’t generate any output images after several hours. The test parameters like ab and ad is low and the simulation should be finished quickly. It seems that accelerad_rcontrib is hindered when processing rows.

However, accelerad_rfluxmtx worked well when generating the daylight matrix.

The test files of the model is uploaded in [model].( - Google Drive)
I hope someone especially @Nathaniel_Jones can help to find reasons and solve this problem.