Couldn't wrap BSDF data

Hello all;
I am using genBSDF in radiance to generate XML file. I am getting this error:

wrapBSDF: cannot find XML file named ‘minimalBSDFt.xml’
Could not wrap BSDF data

Do you know what the problem is?

I appreciate your help in advance.

I don’t know about ‘minimalISt.xml’, which looks like a typo, but the “minimalBSDFt.xml” file along with “WINDOW6BSDFt.xml” is supposed to get copied from the ray/src/util directory to the standard Radiance library folder, wherever that is on your system. If it isn’t somewhere in the directory list in your $RAYPATH environment variable, then you will get the first error above when trying to create a tensor tree BSDF with genBSDF.

Thank you for your response.

I already have minimalBSDF.xml in the radiance library (the path that I installed Radiance).
What do mean by “standard Radiance library”?

Meanwhile, I forgot to say that I am doing this process in Ubuntu.

As I mentioned, you need to check your $RAYPATH environment variable for the (list of) folders where these auxiliary files should go. They should not go in your executable directories set by the $PATH variable.

I have the same problem and I do not know what is the problem with RAYPATH

I am new in UBUNTU and do not know if I already have RAYPATH or I should add its path!!

Hi @masoome, can you try locate minimalBSDFt.xml on your computer? This will help find where your Radiance library folder is. On my computer, it is installed into /usr/local/lib/, but it may be different for your computer. Then when you know where it is, type export RAYPATH=/usr/local/lib/:. to set your $RAYPATH variable and try again. You can also add that export command to your .bashrc so that it is set every time you open up a terminal.

Hope it helps.

Hi Masoome,

The RAYPATH and the PATH should be environment variables. You can add them
temporarily by using the commands

export RAYPATH=directory/with/Radiance/lib/files

export PATH=$PATH:directory/with/Radiance/executables

Please note that (1) exporting the new path is extending the current path,
and (2) the variables you add should be the ones you are using in your
machine (ie, where your Radiance goles are)

You can add these variables permanently to the environment by writing these
commands in the ~/.profile file… the name of this file sometimes changes
(at least in Mac), so I would recommend searching google on how to do this
more specifically

I hope that helps!

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Sorry for my late. I did my best but still, it does not work.
minimalBSDFt.xml is located into /usr/local/radiance/lib/ in my computer.
I typed type export RAYPATH=/usr/local/radiance/lib/:. but nothing happened; it seems that the command did not work.

Hi @masoome, running the command export RAYPATH=/usr/local/radiance/lib/:. indeed should not display any success message if it worked. To check if it worked, you can do echo $RAYPATH and see if it displays /usr/local/radiance/lib/:..

The export command simply defines $RAYPATH in that particular command line / shell environment. If you launch a new shell environment, then $RAYPATH will be blank again. (Unless you place it in your .profile or .bashrc or similar so it runs every time.

So after running the export command, please try running your radiance commands in the same terminal that you ran the export command from, and see if there are any more error messages.

Thank you So much. It worked.


I am experiencing a similar error here, “Klems data error”:

I have set the RAYPATH as described here, but I am still having an issue… Any thoughts?



This is a different error, and continues from this thread.

Checking the code, I would say the most likely cause is an empty or corrupted data file. When genBSDF dies, it leaves behind its temp files, including the “tb.dat” file mentioned in the error. Could you upload the file or post it somewhere for us to have a look? Or, just look at it yourself; it should contain a list of floating-point values in ASCII format.