Correction of HDR images

Hi list,
I wanna compare the error between the sensor-measured and HDR-derived vertical illuminance to check the validity of the HDR images. I finished the whole procedures by refering to this paper:
However, there is something weird about “evalglare” with invaild exposure. This caused me unable to get the illuminance from the HDR images. I checked the original image and the corected images. It seems that “pcompos” command has changed the exposure. Any suggestion is appreciated!
Besides, I used this version of Radiance:



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I think evalglare objects to seeing an EXPOSURE= line in the previous input headers, even if there is a valid EXPOSURE= line in the final (left-justified) header portion. This is a problem for both pcompos and pcomb (even using -o option).

I think you can avoid the complaints by using the “-h” option to pcompos and pcomb, which leaves off information from the previous headers. You should try that.