your last changes on eplus_adduvf.c eplus_idf.c do not compile...

Many thanks, Jan. This is a new module that computes view factors for EnergyPlus. It is still undergoing testing... Looks like I forgot to link to the standard math library, which is automatic on my system. Just checked in a fix to the Rmakefile. Not sure if CMakeLists.txt needs to change -- I think it's savvy about such things.



From: Jan Wienold <[email protected]>
Date: February 14, 2014 3:02:31 AM PST

Hi Greg,

just a short note:

Your last changes from yesterday on

eplus_adduvf.c eplus_idf.c

seem not to compile - I downloaded the headlease today and got the error-messages below...

But not serious for my installation, since this was the only error...