XML schema for BSDF data

Hello everyone,

There are certain parsing routines implemented within Honeybee to check if the XML file being provided by the user is a BSDF file. Currently it relies on doing some string matching to ensure that certain keywords specific to BSDFs are present in that file. This test fails for tensor tree bsdfs generated through genBSDF as they do not contain the same keywords. I think this issue can be addressed if we have access to the XML schema for BSDF files. The old link (http://windows.lbl.gov/BSDF-v1.4.xsd ) is dead. Is there a new link for the schema?


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Hi Sarith,

I couldn’t find it either, but here is a copy. I will try to find out where it lies on the internet.

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Hi Taoning,

Thanks! This will do. I have downloaded the file from your link.

cc: @mostapha

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