wxfalsecolor v0.52 released - minor updates


For the first time in years I have created a new release of wxfalsecolor.
This is mostly a maintenance update to work with GitHub as the new code
repository but a few minor updates are included as well.

Download link:

New Home Page (work in progress):

New GitHub repository:

This release was necessary because the old Google Code website will be
shutting down soon. As a result older versions will not be able to notify
you about new releases or bug fixes. This update adjusts the auto-update
feature to search for new releases on the GitHub repository page. Also,
updates are now identified by version number (tag name) and not by release

*Please use this new version to receive future updates and bug fixes!*

A new feature was added to allow the on-the-fly resizing of large HDR files
during loading. This process will create a backup of the original file,
then use *pfilt* to create a small version which is then used for the
analysis. It is supposed to always create a backup but please be careful
and make a copy of your files first. You will find your original image next
to the working copy with a suffix based on the image resolution (i.e. "

The reading of image data has been improved which should also help with
large files. You still need some patience and a lot of memory.

I also have changed the built-system to a 32-bit Windows 7 virtual machine.
If you are still using Windows XP you may see odd popup messages at the
start of the program.

Please report any bugs, issues or feature requests via the GitHub issue

Regards, and to all the dads out there: Enjoy Father's Day!