Workshop on Passive Solar Design, Daylighting and Simulations for Green Buildings

Dear Radiance Users,

We are conducting the 6th training program on "Passive Design, Daylighting
and Simulation for green Buildings" in New Delhi, India on 18th and 19th
October 2013. The intent of this program is to make sure that the
participants can do the analysis on their own. More information on past
workshops can be found on our Facebook


*The objective of this highly interactive and hands-on training program is
to equip participants with the practical know-how to undertake shading and
daylighting simulations. This course covers fundamentals of solar geometry,
shading strategies, daylighting design and techniques using graphic
methods, quick calculations, rules of thumb and software tools such as
Ecotect/Skecthup and Radiance that will have direct application in practice.

The unique teaching methodology of this course introduces the concepts in a
step-by-step manner from manual exercises to using physical study models
transitioning to finally using computer simulations. Participants will work
on many exercises using our custom worksheets, physical models and software
tools switching between pen-paper media and the computer. This method will
ensure clarity in theory and effective learning of the software tool.

At the end of this course, participants will be able to conduct a complete
daylight assessment for simple geometries

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.



Gurneet Singh
Energy Analyst-Architect
M: 9899-240140