Where can I modified radiance path for winimage

When I use winimage to generate the false color picture,an error occured that is shown as below

The error showed that the radiance executable path for winimage is d:\pkpm3\gbpbeca3\Modules\Dl\Radiance\bin,but my radiance executable path is c:\radiance\bin

So I guess the radiance executable path for winimage can be modified somewhere ,but I don’t where can I modify it!

If you are using the PowerShell, don’t. I am not sure what else might be going wrong. Your paths are very long and difficult to parse, visually.

@1112 have you tried to run falsecolor directly?

Yeah,I can run fasecolor directly and successfully.But I still can’t understand why the winimage called the falsecolor from that path,actually that path is unavaible.