What kind of file formate is better for Radiance from the Revit?

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I have been learning the Radiance recently. I encountered a question that I build a 3D model of a building in Revit and I want to export the model and import it in Radiance for lighting analysis. I learned that I would first need to transfer the file(RVT or IFC files) generated by Revit as the .OBJ file. Is this still the best way to transfer the file from Revit to the file that can be read by Radiance?

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From my knowledge yes, you’ll need to convert it into an OBJ to be read by Radiance. I highly recommend using IFC as an intermediary - that way you can apply extra BIM filters or handle composite materials that otherwise might not be possible if you go direct to OBJ.

By the way, you may be interested in GSOC'24 - Issue #85 - Scripts to generate light simulation input files from 3D models — OSArch :slight_smile: it’s a GSoC initiative to combine the work of the BlenderBIM Add-on which can read IFCs in Blender with Radiance.


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Thank you so much for your reply. Your suggestions are very helpful. I appreciate it.

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Hi @Hao, another option you have if you transfer via IFC into Blender is that you may run your simulations in the vi-suite. That will handle the file conversions for you, and comes with a bunch of nodes covering most standard exercises in daylight simulaiton.

@Dion_Moult thank you for linking the GSoC page, I am very excited to see how this proceeds!

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Hi @Lars_Grobe,

Thank you so much for your help. It’s great to know vi-suite and it looks like a very powerful tool.

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