What happens to uncalled Radiance parameters?

Hello Radiance users,

I like to ask, what happens to values that are not called during a render through Radiance. For example, if I did not include -dj, -sj, etc.

Does Radiance automatically use a default value or it does not include the parameter in the render calculation at all?

I understand of the link: SETTING RENDERING OPTIONS which recommends rendering options settings, but are there recommended parameters regardless of the rendering setting? Thank you for your valuable answers!

Hi Desmond,

Radiance has defaults for optional parameters. You can have them displayed by calling most commands with the -defaults option.

Please note that the defaults try to be reasonable, but know nothing about the model. If you want to get a set of starting parameters adjusted for your model, I recommend to setup a .rif-file and let rad to the work.

Best, Lars.


Thank you Lars! That was what I needed to know!