Dear list,

Some of you might have looked at my 'Glare Measurements Using HDR Photography' presentation that I gave at the recent workshop in Copenhagen.

On page 22 of that presentation, the WebHDRtools are mentioned as 'soon to be released'. Well, 'soon' is now:


As per normal, it's work in progress, but I still hope that you find them useful.

When I embarked on my little glare measurement project, I thought that the accurate calibration/characterisation of consumer digital cameras for reliable luminance measurements (including glare) is relatively easily done, given a good calibration factor here, and a good dose of vignetting calibration there -- all wrapped up by Radiance's native tools such as findglare and glarendx. It turned out that this is not the case. So if anyone is interested in pushing this further, please do get in touch through this mailing list. There are many un-answered questions...