Dear all,

we have brought up a web server which allows you to create HDR images on-line. The engine under the bonnet is Greg's hdrgen (thanks Greg!). You may upload up to 9 JPEG images, totalling 5MB. The results you get back are a RADIANCE image and a false colour JPEG.

For now, you can only hit it with the default option. No command-line switches are implemented yet. When the future of hdrgen becomes clear, we will implement more sophisticated control over the HDR generation.

It's an old K6-II 500 box, so be patient.

There are also some web pages to go with it giving some theory of HDR and a list of software and cameras that are suitable. Please email me with the details of your camera (bracketing, exposure correction etc.), so we build up a repository of information.

We'd be grateful for any other feedback, too