Watching the Skies (aka Sky Model Bewilderment)

I have a pile of data from an actual test room, with more coming, and a Radiance model under construction. Do people have an opinion as to which sky model might best reflect the actual skies of Berkeley, California? I've got some reading ahead of me, Perez and Shirley and perhaps some CIE documents, but I'm wondering if anyone has perhaps some thoughts or cites to share. The test room is, yes, in Berkeley, California.

BTW, I did find the discussion of sky modeling on the list in October of 2003. (If anyone hasn't seen it before, look for entries titled "Sky Definition" in <>.)



Randolph Fritz • [email protected]
Environmental Energy Technologies Division • Lawrence Berkeley Labs

There are some detailed evaluations and comparisons of sky models in the thesis chapter on sky models here:


John Mardaljevic