visibility of void / antimatter photon port surface in irradiance rendering

Hi Carsten!

when you speak of irradiance rendering, do you mean running rzpict with -i option?

Yes, exactly, even though I know that I should NOT use the -i option with the photon map.... still this should not be related to the photon map I guess...?

All completely transparent stuff (glass etc) is of course excluded, but I remember that once there was an issue with Radiance classic, namely the problem that the antimatter material erroneously is not excluded from this material conversion process, and thus suddenly becomes visible. So this bug seems to have made it into Radzilla, too.

This looks plausible. I hope it is not related to the fact that I combined pmap and -i here. BTW, radzilla does not complain when pmap is switched on and brtf materials are used - seems to be dangerous (just like playing with radzilla at all ;-)...

Thank you Carsten!