virtual lighting laboratory

Hello. I would like to provide the link of my dissertation to the Radiance group. The dissertation is titled "Transformations in Architectural Lighting Analysis: Virtual Lighting Laboratory". I had presented very early stages of the research during the 1. Radiance workshop and some of you have asked about its progress during the 2. Radiance workshop. The link is: <>

This dissertation presents a framework for a computer generated luminous environment that supports the knowledge acquisition between the theory and the practice of architectural lighting. Per-pixel lighting information is extracted from the high dynamic range images (Radiance images) through virtual meters and photometry systems. Formation and utilization of these virtual meters (luminance meter, illuminance meter, contrast meter, integrating sphere, colorimeter, and scotopic meter) are demonstrated. The total, regional, and per-pixel lighting data are processed to study the quantity, distribution, directionality, and spectral content of lighting.

I would like to thank everybody in the Radiance online group, not only for answering my questions, but for contributing to the rich information in the archives. I did not even have to ask many of the questions because the answers were readily available. Special thanks to Greg: I have referred to many of his articles and of course, I have generated all of the images with Radiance.

Please let me know if you have questions or comments.
Thank you,
Mehlika Inanici