View naming not working when rad command is used to render .rif file(Windows)

How to produce the error?

The problem I am facing is the when I give an identifier name to view variable in .rif file and when I use rad to render it. there’s no output.

Files that I have:

This is my scene.rif file:

# Specify where the compiled octree should be generated
# Specify an (I)nterior or (E)xterior scene, along with the bounding box of the scene, obtainable via `getbbox scene.rad`
ZONE=E -1.3671875 1.3671875 -0.8515625 0.8515625 -0.984375 0.984375
# A list of of the rad files which make up our scene
# Camera view options
view= viewName -vp 7.358891487121582 -6.925790786743164 4.958309173583984 -vd -0.6515582203865051 0.6141704320907593 -0.44527149200439453 -vu -0.32401347160339355 0.3054208755493164 0.8953956365585327
# Option overrides to specify when rendering
render=-av 1 1 1 -pa 1.0
# Choose how indirect the lighting is
# Choose the quality of the image, from LOW, MEDIUM, or HIGH
# Choose the resolution of mesh detail, from LOW, MEDIUM, or HIGH
# Choose the light value variance variability, from LOW, MEDIUM, or HIGH
# Reolution of the image
# Where to output the raw render
# Where to output a filtered version of the render (scaled down for antialiasing, exposure correction, etc)
# The time duration in minutes before reporting a status update of the render progress

And in order to render the file scene.rad file that contains the scene data of an object, we use the command:

rad -v viewName scene.rif

And there’s no output.

But when I remove the identifier name from view, and use “rad scene.rif”, there’s perfect output.

You can clone all the files from here - GitHub - chiragsingh1711/Radiance-Rendering

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Your scene works when I try it. If the output file exists from a previous run, it is not re-rendered unless something about the inputs has changed. The “rad” program is like “make” in that way.

You shouldn’t include the “.pic” suffix in your output file names. For one thing, the correct suffix is “.hdr”, and for another, rad automatically adds the view name and the “.hdr” suffix. You are supplying the root of the output file name, including any directory path, not the entire thing.


Thanks for the response @Greg_Ward
I am on Windows and I started everything from scratch and yet there’s no rendered image for me when I give a viewName.
But when I remove the viewName, I get the render output.

All I can think is that you copied and pasted something that added non-ASCII characters either in your .rif file or the command-line. I don’t know what else could be happening. Try replacing “viewName” with soemthing else, like “vw1” and retype everything rather than using cut-and-paste.

There is no way for me to reproduce this error.