Various (beginners) Radiance Guides and tools

For people that are looking for a (beginner) guide to Radiance, I think the
following info can be usefull:

Basic Radiance Cource:\Lighting_simulation_software_Radiance_wk7_2010.pdf

How to install Radiance in a Virtual Machine:

Radiance Tutorials from Learnix (lots of usefull stuff, both beginner and

General info about lighting technology:\Lighting_Technology_introduction2010.pdf

Another Radiance tutorial (for MAC OS):

Radiance Wiki, (also has tools and MinGW and Cygwin Radiance):

Installation of Desktop Radiance (Windows):

The book Rendering with Radiance:
First Chapter: (rview has
been changed to rvu).


A Radiance viewer (on Windows) for finished Radiance pictures:

A Radiance exporter for Sketchup:

A falsecolor viewer for Radiance pictures in Windows:

I hope this helps


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