Using two clipping boxes in visualization of lighting distribution

That looks a lot like the technique John M. details here (, but it seems like you're using the first technique (used to mask arbitrarily shaped, adjacent obstructions) and really want the second one (used to "peek into" a space while preserving the geometry for the traced rays. Could you post images of the result, as well as images of each octree you're using?


On 12/3/15, 7:34 AM, "Per Haugaard" <<>> wrote:

Dear group,

I would like to use two clipping boxes to "cut off" the top and side in my model to better visualize lighting distribution in my design.
I have tried to include two clipping boxes in a clipping box octree:

oconv objects/BOX_top.rad objects/BOX_PL2-3.rad > octrees/Clipping_box.oct

I then use vwrays for illustration:

vwrays -fd -vf views/View_perspective.vf -x 1000 -y 1000 | rtrace -w -h -fd -opd octrees/Clipping_box.oct | rtrace -w -ab 1 -fdc `vwrays -d -vf views/View_perspective.vf -x 1000 -y 1000` octrees/office.oct > images/office.pic

My problem is that the only things that seem to be "cut off" is the intersecting part of the two boxes.

Is there a way to work with two clipping boxes to "cut off" the top and side in a model for better visualization of the lighting distribution?

Any input is much appreciated.

Best regards

Per Haugaard