Updated schedule for Radiance workshop

Dear all,

below you find the updated schedule for the RADIANCE workshop next week.
Slight changes still might occur.

For those who will attend: Have a save travel to Freiburg- looking
forward to see you!

Best regards,


Monday Name Working titles
9:00 Registration
10:00 Greg Ward Recent developments
10:30 Santiago Torres Cal files and daylighting
11:00 Coffee Break
11:20 Francesco Frontini BIPV a-Si through façade: development,
evaluation and Radiance simulations
11:50 Niloofar Moghbel Qualitative simulation of VDU screens
12:20 Lunch
13:30 David Mead ‘Trans’ Materials – Modeling and Specifying a Next
14:00 Rob Shakespeare, Oliver Hauck ,Andreas Noback "HDR lightboxes for
rendered image presentation in exhibitions"
14:30 J. Alstan Jakubiec Comparative Analysis of Glare Metric
Suitability Under Varied Spatial and Daylit Conditions
15:00 Coffee Break
15:20 Valerio Lo Verso n.n.
15:50 ISE – Tour
18:30 Departure for dinner
9:00 Robert A. Shakespeare Designing Visually Accessible Spaces (DEVA)
9:30 Marija Velickovic Progressive evaluation of daylight ambiance in
architectural projects with Radiance
10:00 Anne Iversen Simulation of image based control of artificial lights
10:30 Coffee Break
10:50 David Geisler-Moroder A New Ward BRDF Model with Bounded Albedo
and Fitting Reflectance Data for RADIANCE
11:20 Krzysztof Wandachowicz, Giulio Antonutto Reflector profile
optimisation using Radiance
11:50 Greg Ward Calculating and Applying BSDFs in Radiance
11:30 Andy McNeil n.n.
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Carolin Liedtke Idea to calculate light flux and directionality
14:00 Sandra Mende BIPV-Daylight calculations using cal files
14:30 Greg Ward / Jan Wienold closing
15:00 END

Wednesday Course: advanced fenestration

9:00 J. Alstan Jakubiec Modeling dynamic shading systems using
10:00 Roland Schregle Introduction Photon Mapping
10:45 coffee break
11:00 Lars O. Grobe Modeling using photon mapping
11:45 Greg Ward Introduction rtcontrib
12:30 lunch
13:30 Greg Ward Modeling using rtcontrib
14:30 Peter Apian-Bennewitz Introduction BRDF measurements
15:15 Peter Apian-Bennewitz Modeling using measured BRDF
16:00 END


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