update 3 -- the direct cache

Hi all,

traffic is still low on this list - I think this is quite pleasant :slight_smile:

I finally finished a rewrite of the direct cache, a helper module of the ambient calculation, which can speed up renderings dramatically in many cases. More info about it can be found in the Sect. 2.4 of the radzilla page and of course in the updated manual

The corresponding update 3 can be downloaded from


Note that this time I've added a special update script, so after decompressing and extracting the archive in the radzilla source directory typing 'rzupdate3' starts the updating process.

I'm looking forward to the workshop in Fribourg, I've seen that someone wrote an OpenGL viewer for Radiance scenes. OpenGl is on my wishlist anyway, so if he is willing to offer his code, I'd like to check it and integrate it into radzilla. Let's see..

so long & have fun !!