Unmet Hours-- A new Q+A resource for building energy modeling

Dear Radiance community,

IBPSA-USA <http://ibpsa.us/> and Big Ladder Software
<http://bigladdersoftware.com/> are pleased to announce a new, free online
community resource called Unmet Hours (https://unmethours.com/), a
question-and-answer (Q+A) website for building energy modelers.

What is a question-and-answer website? It’s a new type of resource that has
emerged from the programming world as an alternative to mailing lists or
forums. But it’s super simple. You ask a question. Other modelers answer
it. The best answer gets voted to the top. Or you can search on your topic
and you might find that your question has already been asked and answered.
And it’s always good to give back to the community (while showing off your
expertise and earning good “karma”) by helping other modelers with their

At Unmet Hours, you can ask questions about any modeling topic or software
tool, including Radiance
Numerous experts are standing by, eager to help, and ready to answer your
questions--big or small. There are already more than 240 registered users,
more than 90 questions, and more than 170 answers on the website.

Unmet Hours offers many capabilities that make it a powerful resource for
the building energy modeling community:



   Each individual question is kept together with its answers on one web
   page that can be easily referenced with a unique URL.

   Answers are peer reviewed and voted on by the community to reach a
   consensus on which ones are most likely to be helpful or “correct”.

   Questions are easily searchable on the website. All content is indexed
   by Google and other search engines.

   Questions are tagged with category labels such as ‘infiltration
   or ‘radiance
   making it easy to find topics of interest.

   Questions can be tagged across multiple categories for cross-cutting
   problems, for example, ‘ashrae-90.1
   and ‘openstudio

   Tags or individual questions can be “followed” to receive email updates
   when there is new or changed content. You control your email update

   Comments are used to discuss or make suggestions about a question or
   answer without distracting from the main content.

   All content is actively moderated and curated by the community.
   Questions and answers can be revised at any time to be clearer and more
   helpful, or to be updated as new information becomes available. It’s a
   living knowledge base.

   And it all works conveniently in the web browser on your smartphone!

You can find Unmet Hours at https://unmethours.com/ It’s a resource for the
building energy modeling community, built by the community. We are counting
on your support and participation to continue its success.