Unexpected results of genBSDF

I use genBSDF to generate the BSDF for a prism. However, it produced some unexpected direct hemispherical transmittance values that are greater than 100%. Even when I add the ‘-dim’ options, the unexpected values are still present.
Fig.1 The geometry of the prism


genBSDF +f +b -n 16 -dim -0.05 0.0 0.10 0.20 -0.250 0 -c 12288 mat.rad BSDFs.rad > prism.xml

I also shared my rad and bsdf files at BSDF - Google Drive

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Due to the substantial thickness of your system, you should specify more than one prism width in your -dim setting, otherwise you will lose light in some directions and concetrate it in others.

I recommend that your width and height dimensions be at least 20x your depth for a transparent system such as yours. You may need to enlarge your model to accommodate this simulation. Alternatively, you could reduce your model’s depth without affecting the BSDF.