Under what condition, when the input files for octree are changed, the oct file should be compiled again?

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I am doing a simple case in Radiance, there is a rectangular house and an array of lighting on the ceiling. I use the following command to get the oct file:

oconv course.mat lights.rad room.rad > scene1.oct

The lights.rad file is like:

!xform -t 1.2 1.3 2.75 -a 5 -t 2.4 0 0 -a 3 -t 0 2.7 0 erco.rad

But I have a question: if I change some parameters of the erco.rad file, it seems that I do not need to use oconv to compile the files again. So, I would like to ask which files are changed will lead to compiling the octree files again.

I remember that in the radiance_tutorial.pdf or radiance_cookbook, there is an introduction to this question. But I checked these two materials three times and didn’t find the part related to this question. So I have to ask you guys for help again. Thanks in advance for your help and efforts.



Hi Hao,

You must re-run oconv if you change the number of modifiers or surfaces, or change any of the geometry in your scene. If you use the oconv -f option, you must always rerun it to see the changes.


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Hi Greg,

Thank you very much for your reply. It is glad to mast another piece of knowledge of the Radiance.

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