Trans material sample with dynamic daylight simulation (rcontrib)

I don't have a sample project you can run, but I can offer some advice:

A standard daylight coefficient run with a trans material (or BSDF) is
finicky because the the sky is sampled stochastically without regard to the
position of the sun. If your sampling density is low or you use a high
resolution sky descretization scheme you might not fully sample the sky,
missing patches. If the sun happens to be in a missed patch your result
will under estimate the illuminance.

I'd recommend using high -ad parameter, low -lw parameter and use the
tregenza sky (not reinhart). Or better yet, use the 3-phase method.

I'd recommend running a few static sky conditions with rtrace to compare
with your DDS results.



On Wed, Jul 24, 2013 at 1:53 AM, nassif nassif <[email protected]> wrote:

hallo everyone,

I would like to ask you a favor: if anyone is able to send me a sample
project or simple room with trans material, with results, which i can
simulate in my computer. I am trying to simulate a project with dynamic
daylight simulation (dds / rcontrib) but i am not able to say if the
results are correct or not.

in other word, i need a reference so to check if the results (according to
my settings) i am getting are fine or not.

thx in advance,


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