Train tickets


DO we need to buy the train ticket in advance from frankfurt airport?

Typically it is easier / cheaper if you get a ticket online some days in
advance ( However, you can also get it at the train
station, which is attached to the airport.

There are vending machines on almost every platform to buy the ticket in advance with payment in cash or credit card. They have a multilingual GUI, so you can't go wrong. I'd recommend them over buying the ticket on board from the conductor, as it incurs a surcharge... and the machine is often friendlier. ;^)

if your take a RE or RB it will be some small banlieu-train, avoid it!

Definitely. Unless you wanna experience the dregs of western society at play AND vandals at work. Plus it will take you 1/2 day/night to reach your destination (IF you reach your destination), since they stop every 10 mins at cowtowns you won't even find on the map! Repeat: do NOT take RE/RB!




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