Total vertical illuminance calculation from the *findglare* program

Hi all,

Is it possible to calculate the Total Vertical Illuminance from the findglare program?
It does not seem to be a default output from the program.

I noticed that glarendx program has an option for computing the Direct Vertical Illuminance from the glarefile produced by findglare. However, not sure if this is still applicable as I can’t obtain Total Vertical Illuminance from the findglare program.


Does this not work?

glarendx -t vert_ill

Alternatively, you can get the direct-only vertical illuminance or the indirect-only. If you run “glarendx” with no arguments, it gives a list of supported output types.

Hi Greg,
Thank you so much for your quick response.
glarendx is working perfectly fine. I was able to calculate the total and direct vertical illuminance from glarendx. I misinterpreted the results at the beggining.
Sorry for confusing you as I am new to Radiance.