Three Phase Simulation rfluxmtx switches for view mtx

Hi Everyone,

with regards to the Three Phase Method in the tutorial, if the OS is Windows,
the <a
onclick="'');return false;" href="">command in question (hyperlinked)</a> will not work as it contains an inline command: `vwrays -vf views/south.vf -x 400 -y 400 -d`.

I had addressed this issue on Page 42-43 of the tutorial and suggested a workaround. There it is discussed within the context of the Daylight Coefficient Method, however, the same modifications should work for the view matrix in the Three Phase Method as well.



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Hi Sandi,

Any message like "rfluxmtx: cannot load '-option'" is due to an error in argument processing, which is probably due to using an m-dash instead of a hyphen ('-') for the preceding option.

Radiance commands, as is true of most Unix tools, only understand the basic ASCII character set, not the extended characters supported on modern systems. Cutting and pasting from a document is therefore hazardous, as you can pick up these extended characters, which the command-line tools won't know what to do with.

I do recommend retyping the commands from the tutorial to avoid this problem, also as a better way to get comfortable with them. It might also be worth picking up a reference book about the Unix environment to help you get started.


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Date: December 15, 2017 6:29:51 AM PST

Hi Sandi,

Are you entering the tutorial commands into a script and running it, copying and pasting them onto the command line, or typing them by hand onto the command
line? I


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