Thanks to all who replied to my numerous questions, both
on- and off-list. I appreciate it. I'd like to follow up with
some of you separately, time permitting.

Replmarks look interesting, I will look at the manpage in
more detail. I can see how that truly could be a disaster
in terms of version tracking, etc, but it's worth a shot.

I must be a glutton for punishment, because now I'm off
on a new tangent -- thinking of installing Linux on the
PowerBook. (!) I found out about a product called
YellowDog Linux, which purports to be a no-brainer install
(triple boot scheme with Mac OS9, OSX and Linux) on the
PowerBooks. My thought was that if I'm gonna have to
ultimately learn to manage Radiance installations on Linux
to have a render farm, why not start sooner than later?
The down side is that YellowDog is based on... Red Hat.
Now I know that some of the Radiance community is
having success with Red Hat (Hi Jack!); could you explain
what the caveats are regarding trying to compile
Radiance on Red Hat? It's just a thought right now, I'm
not really excited about backing up my young system and
repartitioning the whole deal, but supposedly this
YellowDog Linux really flies, and then I could try out
Peter's rshow, and...

Time to check on the status of my application for the 36
hour day!


Rob Guglielmetti <>