Texture path in mesh file


I have a mesh file that I created with obj2mesh and the “-a” option for specifying a texture using “colorpict”. However I find that I can only use this mesh file if the texture file is specified using an absolute path in “colorpict”. The problem with that is that I can’t move this file around, even if I move the texture along with it. Is there any solution to that?


The RAYPATH environment variable tells Radiance where to look for “auxiliary files,” which includes your pattern picture. You can configure this how you like, but if you include “.” in the path, it should find the file if it is in the same directory where you are rendering.

As RAYPATH searches in “.”, I’ve come up with an unofficial convention of how I like to structure a Radiance project, as well as redistributable atomic assets in a Radiance scene that can be used across projects. It may be useful to you, as it does not rely on absolute paths, and there is a logic to the relative paths - see proposed Radiance filesystem hierarchy, as well as a repository of shared models, where you can see it in action.