Survey on Current Glare Practice

Dear colleagues and friends,

Glare from daylight remains a somewhat underexplored parameter in
contemporary building design. In an attempt to help our students to
start thinking about the problem, we are teaching them HDR photography
and computer-based analysis methods via Radiance/Daysim/Evalglare. We
are now interested in how far you are currently dealing with glare in
your practice (or teaching) and invite you to participate in a survey on
'Glare Analysis and HDR Photography in Contemporary Architectural
Practice'. The survey is conducted as part of a Master's thesis by
Rashida Mogri at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University. It
takes literally five minutes to complete and you may 'reward ' yourself
afterwards by reviewing some of the glare-related material on our web
site at

To participate in the survey please go to Thank you for your time
and interest!


Christoph Reinhart, Dr. Ing.

Associate Professor of Architectural Technology

Graduate School of Design - Harvard University

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