sun reflection upon a rectangular steel su rface

happy to see other italian using radiance

some things:

1) the circular shape that you can see is an artefact due to low settings
(try with aa .25, ad 128, as 64 and increase ar to 32... not so good but
better? try again with aa=0, ad=8 as=0 and ab= 2.... some noise but no white
spot!... and many other combinations)

2) if you are interested in simulating ray bouncing from metal surface to
the wall as specular reflections... you should try pmap (look for photon
mapping radiance and you will see).

3) if you want to try pmap, probably you will need radiance 3.4 or 3.5 or
3.2 but these are for linux (or Apple!)... or cygwin....

4) oops... you can also use -dr parameter to enable virtual sources
calculation.... but with mirror and not with metal. watch out the normal of
the surface.

good luck!


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From: Alessandro Bizzarri []
Sent: 04 September 2003 14:25
Subject: [Radiance-general] sun reflection upon a rectangular steel

Hi, I'm an Italian student and I'm using Desktop Radiance in order to
simulate an external wall enlighted by sun reflection upon a rectangular
steel surface.
I can't understand why the reflection on the wall has a shape similar to a
circumference instead of a rectangle.
I enclose what I did and I hope some of you could give me a suggestion.

                                                  Alessandro Bizzarri.

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