Su2rad: malformed format string-%S

Hello everyone,
i installed sketchup 2019, and su2rad(2014.0.0) recently. But when i run su2rad to export, the following occurs:

My computer system is Window10. I also try to install other versions of sketchup such as 2017,2018. But the same situation occurs.How to solve this problem?
Thanks a lot.

I cannot be sure, but this looks like a bug that has already been solved… I think the reason is that the “%S” (uppercase S) is incorrect, and they should have written “%s” (lowercase).

Here, it seems to be fixed already. Just download the newest version and try again!

I know this is an old post, but I want to give my solution to it for people who still stumble upon this.
It seems to be an issue that the line 221: printf “%s” % msg.rstrip() uses two formatting methods. In ruby printf is a format function, but calling % outside a string is also a string formatting method. In other words, printf “%s” % msg.rstrip() is equivalent to printf(printf("%s",msg.rstrip())) which makes no sense and should never work.
As such you should change the line to printf “%s”,msg.rstrip() and it should be fixed.