Strange filetype naming when redering withradiance

If you have any tendency to share files between platforms check that you
haven't saved your file in a Windows format, where the line ending
characters are saved differently than a Unix type environment where you
may be running your script. If you work on scripts under windows at all
some good programming text editors like Notepad++ have an explicit menu
option to convert between Win/Mac/Unix formats.

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Subject: [Radiance-general] Strange filetype naming when redering

Dear users,

I hope this is the correct forum to post this question.

I have run stumble upon a strange problem rendering images with

I have made a simple file containing the different commands to be
executed to render the images/data needed. When I execute this file
(source All the output files have a (?) added to the file type
(e.g. instead of Furthermore I cannot use \ as line
separation in my file anymore.

Does anyone have any experience with these types of errors?

Best regards

Per Haugaard

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