strange behaviour, may be only radiance or ma cosx?

Hi Pillo,

I just figured out what's going on -- it's a problem with the shadow cache, one I should be able to correct. I'll get back to you with a fix.

Thanks for spotting the error! Having a HEAD release is like working at Microsoft. Lots of alpha testers....


P.S. The shadow cache is disable for glow sources.


From: Giulio Antonutto <>
Date: September 10, 2004 8:41:08 AM PDT

unfortunately I tried bubble and sphere, same thing.
The real difference is when I use glow with the 4th number to act like a
light source.
In that case it acts like a light and it illuminates! the sphere/bubble
glows on the inner surface... (while light does nothing...)
So why only light?
Any ideas appreciate!
thanks a lot

BTW I was used to employ the inner part of a sphere in a script of mine to
create a polar distribution of a light source (basically an illuminance
image of a dome with a light source in the middle and a known radii)... may
be stretching radiance capabilities...
Now it's no more working :frowning:

PS settings are default, without ambient bouncing.