SPOT Beta 2.1 Release

Dear Colleagues,

The California Energy Commission's Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) program has provided funding for the development of the Sensor Placement & Orientation Tool (SPOT). SPOT is a free software program that assists in the design and installation of photosensor systems in daylit environments. In addition, SPOT is a useful tool for general daylighting and daylight and electric light integration analysis. The program consists of a Microsoft Excel based user interface with a Radiance engine performing the calculations in the background. The newest version SPOT Beta 2.1 can be downloaded from the SPOT website at: (please uninstall any previous versions of SPOT) <>

The main forum for Q & A, bug reports, product updates, and other announcements will be through a SPOT discussion list. If you plan on using the program, please consider signing up for this list. The home website, where you can sign up and access postings, is accessible through the main site or with the following URL:

Previous list postings can be accessed with the SPOT Archives link on this website. You can also choose to recieve various forms of e-mail reports containing the lists postings.

Note that SPOT is still in the Beta stages as further development will continue to occur. We have been working hard getting out all the kinks, but bugs are inevitable, so please report any program errors, erroneous or suspicious data, or other awkward / misleading behavior to either the discussion list or to [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]> . Feel free to submit any positive findings as well! We welcome any comments, suggestions, interesting case studies!

You have recieved this e-mail cause either: a) you have downloaded the Beta v2.0 version b.) you are part of the SPOT Technical Advisory Group c.) you are on the Radiance online group d.) you have expressed interest e.) you are a photosensor manufacturer and we are interested in better integrating your system into the program f.) the SPOT Design Team just wants your feedback. We apologize for any cross postings!

Thank you for your time!
Zack Rogers and the
SPOT Development Team


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