Spam: problem with options of 'rview'

try to change the name or "rview" to "rvu" in the radiance binaries (mv
rview rvu)....
then try again:

"rvu" .....your options......

it is just a guess: there could be a conflict with some other programs there
(thinking of vi...)...
hope it helps,


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Subject: Spam: [Radiance-general] problem with options of 'rview'

I'm affraid my first attemp to post this message hasn't been successfull, so
I try it once more. Please don't take this mail into account, it the first
one is alredy posted:

After downloading the dynamic binaries for Linux and installing the
library I've tried to execute the rad-command from the tuturial (rad -o x11
daf.rif) as well as just the rview-command with other oct-files, but
unfortunately the -vp option could not be executed and I got the following

rview -vu 0 1 0 -vp 50 60 40 -vd 0 -1 -1 -vh 20 -vv 20 -ps 8 -pt .16 -dp 128
9 -ds 0 -dt .2 -dc .25 -dr 0 -sj 0 -st .5 -aa .4 -ad 64 -as 0 -av 0.5 0.5
-lr 3 -lw .02 -R daf.rif -o x11 -pe 1 daf.oct
VIM - Vi IMproved 6.2 (2003 Jun 1, compiled Sep 26 2003 16:12:37)
Unknown option: "-vp"
rad: error running rview

Now I'm wondering, whether the problem arises, because I am using the
binaries instead of static, or is it something else?


Olga Graf


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