Source code for ds_dayfactor from DAYSIM wanted

Hi guys,

I am looking to compile Radiance and Daysim for aarch64 so I can run my microservices on AWS Graviton instances.
I was able to compile everything but ds_dayfactor, for which I couldn’t find the source code.
Does anyone have access to it ? I believe that it could be on DAYSIM from , but the website is not available any more.

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Hi @alinasssit,

Some time ago, I moved the Daysim source code that was still available to GitHub, but ds_dayfactor was not among the programs that I could find.

Have you considered using newer techniques such as the two-phase method?

Hi @Nathaniel_Jones ,

The version of daysim I think has ds_dayfactor is daysim.2.1.p3 , but I can’t find the source code for that version.
Rewriting the code to remove ds_dayfactor is not an option for now.

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I found ds_dayfactor.c in a DaySim 3.14e folder from 2014 on my machine. I don’t know how pristine the contents of the folder are, and I am unable to find the original zip or tgz download. But here it is:

As far as I can tell, DS has been slung onto the scrap heap of code, so I agree with Nat: Do look for an alternative.



Hi Axel,

Thank you so very much !

You saved me :slight_smile:

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