Some question about rfluxmtx to creat d-matrix

Hello everyone,
When there is only one piece of glass in the baseglass.rad file, the rfluxmtx command can be used normally
But if there are two or more glasses in the file, the rfluxmtx command will display the following prompt:
rfluxmtx: internal - sample behind all sender elements
rcontrib: fatal - unexpected EOF on input

rfluxmtx -v -ff -ab 2 -ad 10210 -lw 0.0001 -c 1000 -n 16 base_glassvmtx1-1.rad skyglow.rad -i room.oct > dmtx/base1-1.dmx

I don’t know why this happened.
Thanks a lot.

Both polygons have zero area, and they overlap. Either problem would be fatal, though I agree that the error message is confusing.

Although the area of these two shapes in picture 2 is small, they are not 0, and they are different in vertical height. They do not overlap. Does the software have any requirements for the size? It is possible to simulate one separately.

Oh, you are right. I didn’t notice the small delta in the z-channel. In fact, your polygon areas are too small for the 5.3 version of rfluxmtx, and this is really a bug. It uses a threshold of 10^-6 for surface area, when it should use something more like 10^-12. I just checked in a fix to this, which you can recompile if that’s an option for you, or you can wait until new installers come out next week (I think).

One of the small polygonal areas can be simulated separately, but more than two will report an error, I am still confused. Thank you very much. I’m sorry I don’t know how to recompile. I hope the new version can solve this problem.

Like I said, it is a bug. Try the new version when it comes out on Sept. 13th here.