Solaris Compiles again...


Does anybody have a license of Sun Forte C allowing him to build some
Radiance binaries for Ultrasparc II / III?

I have LOTS of trouble here to compile radiance on Solaris at all (the old
sys_nerr, sys_errlist thing, I had to change my include files, changing only
radiance's error.c didn't help), and the binaries produced by gcc 3.2.2
(32bit, I didn't get it to compile radiance as 64 bit app, and I also don't
know if this would improve things) are not really performant. I tried the
"radiance-benchmerk2" by Paul Bourke, and got results for my Ultrasparc III
CPUs equal to P4s at the same frequencies. I hope that Sun's native compilers
would help here a lot.

Is it worth tryiing to use Sun's optimized math libraries with radiance?

CU, Lars.