Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) Calculations in OpenStudio's Coupled Radiance and EnergyPlus Simulations

Hello Radiance and OpenStudio users and developers,

I'm new to the radiance and daylight simulation. Sorry if this is a basic
question. I have used EnergyPlus for many basic projects, but my most recent
one is studying a dynamic glazing system. My partner and I have determined
that the three-phase method is probably going to be our best option. We're
looking to model the effects the dynamic glazing system would have on the
electrical lighting loads, as well as, the solar heat gain into the building

I've been reviewing the tools and methods at are currently available to do
this and found "Challenges of Integrated Daylight and Electrical Lighting
Simulation Methods in a Whole-Building Energy Simulation Context" by Rob
Guglielmetti to be tremendously helpful. OpenStudio appears to be one of the
most integrated and streamline options available for coupled daylight and
whole building simulation.

The question I have, that I haven't been able to find, is whether the
OpenStudio coupled Radiance and EnergyPlus method transforms the solar heat
gain? The daylight is well studied and discussed, but I haven't been able to
find out whether this method will discount the solar heat gain through the
fenestration systems.

Additional side question: When running genBSDF is there a command or
something material property that needs to be added to get the factors for the
SHGC? We have only been able to get the daylight coefficients.

Thank you for your help,
Justin Shultz
PhD Student