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Very cool picture. What I was trying to point out is that my sun
positions are not lining up the way I think they should. Instead of
being in a smooth curve, they are forming "S" shaped lines and that has
me confused. (But, I was able to create your analema by only looking at
one hour 12 times a year. - If you combined this with pfilt's star
pattern, you might be able to make some interesting images.)


a (last) correction o the analema topic:

I've looked it up again (it's a long time since I've occupied myself with this) - that time shift does evidently not depend on the latitude, and with the height of the sun I didn't mean that the sun is higher in summer than in winter :-), but that this angle also influences the mentioned difference between mean and real solar time ..

ok, has not much to do with lighting and ray tracing, but at least the info here on the list should be correct ..