Sneak Preview: radzilla 1.2

Hi all,

I've talked about it for a long time now, here it is: a first alpha
state version of Radzilla based on QT 4.

It's not yet an official release (BTW, what's official in radzilla
anyway ? :-)), its a test version for the adventurous guys hopefully
serving to collect some feedback on all problems which may appear on
different OSes esp concerning the QT4 stuff. Now, with the QT 4 base, it
also pays off to invest some work to get it running on Macs (and, time
will show, maybe even on Windows..)

Some new features have been added, a.o. the 'classic mode' i.e. the
opportunity to switch to Radiance Classic oconv and rpict, and a lot
more convenience in the preview window.

See the news page on the radzilla site for a quick overview, more
thorough documentation of the new features will be added later.