SLR for HDR images_sensor size & shutter speed

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Hello Steph,

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Gesendet: Samstag, 21. Oktober 2017 01:00
Betreff: Re: [HDRI] DSLR for HDR images_sensor size & shutter speed

Hi Tobias, thank you for your comments,
so from what I understand, the ideal situation would be to get a full-size sensor but also a small one can do...
è Right.
And I just want to clarify something from what you explained..
The problems when shutter speed is faster than 1/1000s are mainly when using light sources such as LED, or it can also be expected with daylight?
è No, not with sunlight. But lot of artificial light source (e.g. fluorescent, high or low pressure natrium sodium lamps of course LED) does have this issue.
If so, that suggests that is not that helpful to get a camera that can reach even 1/8000s, or that in order to take advantage of such speed,
è On the other hand, if you are not struggling with Modulation effects, you have to consider reproducible speed of mechanical shutter at short exposure time. The speed has direct impact on relation between luminance and generated sensor signal.
the use of the ND filter would be really necessary to achieve good results, is that right?
è All in all one can summarize that using ND filter has some benefits when used correctly.

Thank you again for your help...