sky definitions


I am just taking a look at the different sky models available for radiance.
There was a cal file to describe the new standard sky model by Phillip
Greenup mentioned on this list a while ago, is it avilable somewhere?

There used to be a extensions section on radiance-online, didn't it? I have
no ıdea where to search at the moment.

Thanks and CU Lars.

Found it, thanks to the htdig... CU Lars.

Von: Lars O. Grobe <[email protected]>
Datum: 10. Januar 2006 17:21:38 GMT+02:00
An: "Phillip Greenup" <[email protected]>
Betreff: Re: [Radiance-general] sky definitions

Hi Phillip,

hi those who are searching the file and found this posting... The 3rd partydevelopments can be downloaded from

Seams that this page is currently not linked (Peter, maybe you can check what happened?),I found it by the help of the site's search enginge.

CU Lars.

P.S.: Phillip thank you for offering help, it's very possible that I will come back to this soon :wink: