Silhouette detail from afar


Apologies if this is trivial. I am attempting to derive an image of the silhouette of atrium roof
structure (fisheye projection) when viewed from afar. The problem I am encountering is that the
resolution doesnt seem to be high enough, thus much of the small structural detail is lost.
Presumabley the most obvious thing to do is increase the resolution. I have tried this using the
-x and -y options (I should add at this stage that it is an interactive render, invoked by rad
with geometry etc. converted from Ecotect using Radtool). I get an error message. Changing the
'RESOLUTION=...' setting in the *.rif file has no effect. I have set -ps at 1. Tinkering with the
direct options don't seem fruitful either. I am running the simulation under a sunny sky acting as
a spotlight (very high zenith) with no ambient calculation (and a constant -av) so rendering is
fast. I have also tried turning the sky off altogether and using a large rectangular direct source
above my model, and also using just the sky glow.

Is the reason I can't seem to increase the resolution something to do with using the rad executive
program? Have I reached the limit of my monitor? Am I doing something fundementally wrong?

Many thanks,
Dan Lash
Sheffield Hallam University.

ps as an aside, does anyone have any experience with modelling generic painted white steel
structural members (round or square)? I'm thinking specifically in terms off specularity and
roughness (for quantitative accuracy). The rules of thumb in RWR make me intuitively think about
10% spec, 3ish% roughness. Though perhaps this is one of those how long is a piece of string