Several updates

First, I frighteningly noticed that the rpict defaults had changed
recently when I ran PB's bench2 benchmark test and my Athlon took
an hour to do a 5-minute job. Thus, I updated the "bench2" benchmark
test to specifically set the rpict parameters to the old default
values. So, new chips don't look awful anymore. The benchmark page
is at the following URL, and it hasn't seen many new entries

Second, and I'm not sure if I sent this to the group, I updated
my "Radiance resolution and filtering test" page to include the
new behavior of the -r option in pfilt for Radiance
versions 3R5 and newer. The results are on the bottom half of
this page:

Last, and again, if I've mentioned this before, please forgive
me, I've updated my "-aa 0" test page to include the -ps 1
option, and the results have changed somewhat. This page is at:

I hope some of this will come in handy to someone. It's helped
me refine some of compilation and rendering strategies.