Setting Up a Windows Radiance Build System

I recently had to do this, so here were the steps, for anyone who needs them:

  1. Download and install the community version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2019. VS 2019 is the version used in Radiance continuous integration testing.
  2. Download and install cmake from the cmake site.
  3. Download and install Strawberry Perl.
  4. In a command-line window, start an install of Perl’s PAR packager, with the command “cpanm pp”. It took about half an hour on my laptop workstation - be patient.
  5. While you are doing that, download and install the GPL/LGPL version of qt5 from the Qt web site. You will be required to set up an account with Qt, and agree to their terms of service. Qt is huge – on my system it was a 43 GB download – so this will take some hours. (If you do not want to build the qt tools, you can skip this step.)

Once this is all done, you can download and build Radiance. That is for the next post.


Hi Randolph,

I have finished all the procedures you mentioned, but how can I do next?

Thank you

The next steps are written up here: Downloading and Building Radiance on a Windows System