Self luminous surface in annual simulations

Hi all, I’m doing annual simulations with the three-phase method, I’d like to add a squared light source to the scene (a lamp, as part of the scene, not really for the calculations), but if I use the ‘light’ material in the model (to be included in the view-matrix), the polygon is modeled as a dark surface in the resulting image (after the multiplication with ‘dctimestep’). I suppose that the way would be to generate year-round images with a self-luminous element, then combine them at the end with pcomb (to add those with the window). Is there any way to do this with the three phase method, when in this case there are no ‘sky’ and ‘transmission’ phases involved?

I’ll appreciate your help with this issue, thanks in advance!

The most sensible way to do this is to (as you suggest) add in the electric light contributions as a pre-rendered image with the light(s) only, and add these to the output of the dctimestep result using pcomb.

Do you a problem with this approach?

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It will be a single image(simulation) for the artificial/electric light. I ran a small simulation based on Greg’s suggestion.The images below are for every hour on the first day of January.

You can find the commands inside



Thank you so much! @sarith @Greg_Ward Indeed, I wasn’t sure if it was the best way of doing this. I really appreciate the detailed commands in the script, more than I was expecting. Thanks again!
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