Running Radiance commands within .net Framework Addin


Is there a general tutorial how to execute Radiance commands from .Net Framework?

I did get it working by;

  • putting installation files (folder bin and lib) in C:\Radiance\
  • create a workingdirectory in C:\Radiance\temp\
  • Interaction.Shell(“C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c C:\Radiance\Bin\oconv.exe” & " " & RadFilename & " > " & OctFilename, Wait:=True)

It worked file at my Computer, but fails on other computers (with different setup)
looks like the command is stopped by Windows or Virusscanner, a OCT file of 1kb has been created.

I tried to put the installation Files in "C:\Program Files", so the files should be executed without interference, but than my Host application Crashes!

Can somebody help me how to run the commands from .Net Framework?
(sample code?)

For now I need to call: oconv.exe and rtrace.exe

I tried some other method, but also fails:
Dim psi As New ProcessStartInfo(command, arguments) With {.CreateNoWindow = False, .WorkingDirectory = WorkingDirectory, .UseShellExecute = True}
MyProcess = Process.Start(psi)

Any help would be appreciated!

Chris Hanschen
The Netherlands