Rtpict outputs unsupported option

Hi im getting “unsupported command” on any of the optional outputs in rtpict.

-o myDir works fine but -oN, -om etc do not work as intended in the documentation.

What am I doing wrong?

The argument to the -o* option should be a directory, which will be created by rtpict if it doesn’t exist, already. This doesn’t explain your error, however. It seems like you may be accessing an older version of rtpict, before the -o* option was supported. Can you find the Pearl script and check the top few lines? The current (HEAD) version is:

# RCSid $Id: rtpict.pl,v 2.25 2022/04/12 00:30:58 greg Exp $


Ahh i just did a fresh download, however from the archived github
here Releases · NREL/Radiance · GitHub

The problem is fixed in the newest build.

Thanks Greg